ProcedurePak® trays

ProcedurePak® is a tray containing all single-use components required for a particular surgical intervention, replacing a large number of individually packaged items. Each ProcedurePak tray meets the corresponding requirements of the hospital and is customized for a specific procedure and often to department specific requests.

For surgical procedures a lot of time is spent on preparation of the operating room. A study of European hospitals shows that by switching from traditional preparation of operating rooms to the use of ProcedurePak trays, hospitals may cut preparation time for surgical procedures by more than half and free up more time to focus on patient care, staff training and coaching or for more procedures .

Hospitals that chose to switch to ProcedurePak trays are also offered support with the implementation of new processes as well as optimizing the configuration of the tray to give maximum O.R. efficiency.

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